At Terra Sales Solutions we specialise in partnering with technology companies, supporting these businesses as they work to set up and manage worldwide distribution channel partnerships.

Strategic Global Business Development

The world is consuming technology at a rapid rate and smaller, highly niche hi tech companies have products that are sought after on a global scale. At Terra Sales Solutions we specialise in working with small to mid-size technology companies that deserve a place on the global stage.

Our approach

Our approach is simple. We listen and take time to understand what you are offering, how that is made available within your existing markets and what are your ambitions for launching or expanding in other markets.

Over 40 years of combined experience in high tech industry means we fully appreciate that there is no “one size fits all”. We do not use a cookie cutter blueprint and replicate that across industry or verticals. Instead, we use a consultative approach and base our service on your needs and aspirations combined with proven building blocks to ensure your success as you expand your reach.

Expanding into global markets

We know that technology sales can be complex and the route to market can vary greatly. This is why we have a range a services to meet your needs.


  • We provide sales, business development, channel management and marketing capabilities for technology oriented companies looking to grow.
  • You have the great products and existing customer knowledge; we have the on-the-ground in region technical sales team to get you to new markets! So, leverage our experience and existing networks of strategic partnerships to get there faster.
  • We are your partners through curious and complex sales processes, exploring and setting up your routes to market.
  • We open doors to possibilities, and we make this all happen in your business name and on your behalf.
  • We are experts in complex electronics technologies including GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite Systems) and rugged electronics and in 2022 we are expanding our niche to include Inertial Navigation Systems (INS) and Weather Radar solutions.
  • We work with you, to achieve your goals.

Put simply, we are here to help you solve problems and support global growth.

Terra Sales Solutions - International business development

International Business Development Management

We work with you to fully integrate into your top line management team and develop a robust Business Development Model.

International sales channel development - Business Development

International Sales Channel Development

When you know that a channel model is the correct route to market, we can support you with introductions to the local channel partners and distributors who will add value to your expansion plans.

Sales Channel Management - Business Development - Terra Sales Solutions

Sales Channel Management

Keeping your channel engaged and enthusiastic about your products requires investment. Our experienced channel managers understand this and the nuances of the channel within each territory so ensure they have an ear to the ground to guarantee your solutions stay on the radar of your channel partners.

International Lead Generation

International Lead Generation

Not all products fit within a channel model. Complex solution sales may benefit more greatly from a direct customer interaction sales process. Our experienced Lead Generation team can support you in a local direct market sales approach.

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